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Speedy Air Cargo Inc. (since 1985) is strategically located next to YVR – Vancouver International Airport, beside the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Vancouver’s destination ports are the best gateways for importing and exporting into or from Canada and United States.  

We provide a broad range of logistics services such as freight forwarding, ocean freight (LCL or FCL), air freight, trucking, automobile and motorcycle international shipping, dangerous goods handling, door to door services, United States and Canadian customs brokerage services, purchase order management, sorting, storage and other warehousing services.  

To provide a high level of protected shipping, Speedy Air Cargo Inc. is an approved Air Cargo Security Program participant with Transport Canada since 2012.

Speedy Air Cargo Inc has a comprehensive network of global associates and partners to deliver total logistic solutions for your company at the highest level of expertise and services.  

Our service is second to no others.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our Clients with the best service experience possible. We accomplish this by consistently following these three simple guidelines:


1. ALWAYS go the extra mile and NEVER cut corners.

2. ALWAYS treat our customers and our staff with the utmost respect.

3. ALWAYS be honest and accountable for everything we do.


Specialized logistics area:

·      LCL & FCL Ocean Freight Import

·     LCL & FCL Ocean Freight Export

·      Air Freight Import

·      Air Freight Export

·      Trucking services - to and from USA and Canada

·      Door to Door Delivery

·      Oil fields services products importation solution

·      Letter of Credit (LC) shipments

·      Dry Ice shipments

·      Over sized and Project cargo shipments

·      Freight Forwarding

·      USA & Canada Customs Brokerage

·      In-Bond Cargo

·      Motorcycle and Vehicle shipping (International and Domestic)

·      Fresh products and Perishable cargo shipments

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You can trust that your business and personal shipments will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate, on time and achieving great results.

We are experienced, highly qualified and discreet professionals with excellent references to offers a broad range of logistics services and special projects.


"I've called and emailed many other Forwarders but Speedy has the best service" -- Elizabeth W., North Vancouver, BC

"...Speedy  have been valuable to our company throughout the easy and hard times." -- Mio Global Ltd, Vancouver, BC

"Best service!  You helped us meet our tight deadline and avoid any extra delays" -- Clear Patrol LLC., Toronto, ON

Worldwide Shipping Services

Vancouver, BC, Canada is our home base. We have offices and reliable agents in most major ports worldwide. We have years of experience to help you get the job done.  When you want to get your shipment imported or exported via ex-Wsh, FOB, CIF or DAP and delivery to your Clients customs cleared or INBonded with trucking, air freight or ocean freight, we are here to assist you.

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Latest News in the World of Logistics and Transportations

<p><span>Dubrovnik is a medieval city is still largely intact. The city is brimming with amazing architecture and surrounded by the Mediterranean on one side and walls on the other.</span></p>

Dubrovnik is a medieval city is still largely intact. The city is brimming with amazing architecture and surrounded by the Mediterranean on one side and walls on the other.

Posted 8 weeks ago

IATA: Five-year Forecast Shows Improved Outlook for Air Cargo

Forecast Highlights:

  • International freight volumes are expected to grow at a five-year CAGR of 4.1%.
  • The United States, China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will each be adding more than 1 million additional tonnes of freight by 2018 compared to today. The UAE will have replaced Germany as the third largest market.
  • The fastest growing international routes will be between the Middle East and Asia, at 6.2% per year. Within Middle East (4.6%), North America to South America (3.9%), and Europe to Southern Africa (3.8%), will also grow strongly. 
  • Significant volume imbalances will continue. The imbalance in flows from Asia to North America is estimated to be 1.1 million tonnes in 2018, and from Asia to the Middle East the imbalance will be 0.6 million tonnes.
Posted 8 weeks ago


Effective January 1, 2015, the Canadian government intends to withdraw eligibility to the General Preferential Tariff (GPT) from 72 higher-­‐income and trade competitive countries (out of current 175 beneficiaries), including
China, South Korea, India and Brazil.

Of the 72 countries affected by this change 20 have preferential tariff with Canada though other trade agreements.
Entitlement to the benefit of the General Preferential Tariff is withdrawn in respect of all goods that originate in the following countries, effective January 1, 2015.

List of Countries Affected:
“Algeria”,“American”,”Samoa”,“Antigua and Barbuda”,“Antilles,Netherlands”,“Argentina”,“Azerbaijan”,“Bahamas”,“Bahrain”,“Barbados”,“Bermuda”,“Bosnia and Herzegovina”,“Botswana”,“Brazil”,“Brunei”,“CaymanIslands”,“Chile”,“China”,“Colombia”,“Costa Rica”,“Croatia”,“Cuba”,“Dominica”,“Dominican Republic”,“Ecuador”,“Equatorial Guinea”,“French Polynesia”, “Gabon”,“Gibraltar”,“Grenada”,“Guam”,“Hong Kong”,“India”,“Indonesia”,“Iran”,“Israel”,“Jamaica”,“Jordan”,“Kazakhstan”,“Kuwait”,“Lebanon”,“Macao”,“Macedonia”,“Malaysia”,“Maldives”,“Mariana Islands”,“Mauritius”,“Mexico”,“Namibia”,“New Caledonia and Dependencies”,“Oman”,“Palau”,“Panama”,“Peru”“Qatar”,“Russia”,“Saint Kitts and Nevis”,“Saint Lucia”,“Saint Vincent and the Grenadines”,“Seychelles”,“Singapore”,“South Africa”,“South Korea”,“Suriname”,“Thailand”,“Trinidad and Tobago”,“Tunisia”,“Turkey”,“Turks and Caicos Islands”,“United Arab Emirates”, “Uruguay”, “Venezuela” and “Virgin Islands, U.S.A.”

Least Developed Country Tariff (LDCT):
Entitlement to the benefit of the Least Developed Country Tariff is withdrawn effective January 1, 2015 in respect of all goods that originate in Equatorial Guinea and Maldives.

Posted 13 weeks ago
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Posted 13 weeks ago

Russia announced a year-long ban on food imports from Canada, the U.S. and other countries

Russia announced a year-long ban on food imports from Canada, the U.S. and other countries Thursday, in retaliation for several rounds of sanctions by Western countries over Russia’s involvement in the unrest in Ukraine.

Here’s a look at Canada’s trade with Russia.

Posted 18 weeks ago
<h1 class="story-title">Canada-EU free trade deal with agreement on final text</h1>

Canada-EU free trade deal with agreement on final text

Posted 19 weeks ago

Canada to Clinch Trade Deal with EU in Fall 2014

Canada and the European Union will release final details of their mammoth trade deal on Sept. 25 in Ottawa, ending a marathon 10 months of bargaining since Prime Minister Stephen Harper flew off to Brussels to sign the initial agreement in principle.

Multiple sources tell CBC News that the text of the full agreement will be made public by Harper and EU President José Manuel Barroso as part of a formal summit between the two sides.

The Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement, or CETA, has been a priority for the Harper government, but talks dragged out over a series of issues ranging from the protection of intellectual property to the process for settling disputes between private companies and governments.

Just last week, news reports out of Europe suggested that Germany would refuse to sign the deal — a report later denied by Angela Merkel’s government — over the so-called investor-state dispute mechanism, which is meant to set up an independent tribunal for companies to resolve trade disputes, rather than have them go through a country’s courts.

The deal would give Canada favoured access to Europe’s 500 million people and $17 trillion economy.

Posted 19 weeks ago
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Posted 23 weeks ago

Canada and Free Trade: Next Stop, Japan

The tabling of the final text of the bilateral free trade agreement with South Korea earlier this month has brought Canada another step closer to its first trade agreement in Asia. While this will open up economic and trade opportunities, Canada has a unique opportunity to further strengthen its economy by finalizing a comprehensive trade agreement with Japan.

Canada-Japan bilateral trade exceeds $20 billion, allowing Canada to enjoy a trade surplus of about $1.4 billion. That two-way trade figure has remained fairly constant for the past six years, but a joint study by the Canadian and Japanese governments concluded that an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the two countries would move it to a much higher level. Specifically, the joint study noted that a Canada-Japan EPA could result in gains to Canada’s gross domestic product of between $4.1 billion and $9.8 billion, while Japan could see GDP gains of between $4.8 billion and $5.3 billion.

With figures like that, it’s no surprise that a recent survey by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada shows considerable support in Canada for a free trade agreement with Japan. According to the survey, 55 per cent of Canadians are in favour of a trade deal with Japan. Only trade deals with Australia and the European Union had higher levels of support

by iPolitics 

Posted 23 weeks ago

Daytime Terminal Reservation Fee & New Cancellation Rules

TSI Terminal Systems Inc. (TSI) and DP World (Canada) Inc. (DP World) have notified terminal users that the day time reservation fee announced in May has now been set at $50 , with terminals subsidizing the actual costs by one quarter to one half, depending on the terminal.

The amount was set following a detailed analysis of operating costs undertaken by third-party management consulting firm KPMG. Details of this analysis have been shared with Port Metro Vancouver. The use of a fee for day time reservations is consistent with North American best practices .

The additional operating hours at the terminals will create 377 jobs (including direct, indirect and induced), reduce truck traffic and congestion during peak daytime hours, maximize the use of existing port infrastructure and create more opportunities for growth by offering a wider range of access times at the terminals for container truckers. These benefits will be achieved with no need for additional capital funding by the terminals or the governments.

Posted 25 weeks ago